No death in this chapter

No infidelity either. Honestly, not a lot of anything.. ha. That save is limping along and I keep putting off giving it a good clean out. I don’t want to move towns (I’ve made it to gen 7 being born in this same town, I WILL make it to 10 here, gosh darnit). That and the Baby Boom keeps distracting me. Those darn fertile Murdles. πŸ˜‰ But to prove my Jacobsens are still here, and still loved, here’s a small chapter. It would have been twice as long except I had to play it all through twice when it crashed the first two times before saving.

Let’s jump in with a quick sim–check..

Screenshot-449Darrick is gardening. In the dark.

Screenshot-450Screenshot-451Screenshot-452Screenshot-453Everyone else, including a singed Foster, is partaking in the much more night-appropriate activity of sleeping.

In the morning, Foster washes the singe off himself and gets back to the potion table (because all his wishes are for potions.)

Screenshot-1046Berlin & Darrick get all flirty in the study.

And Beckett & Maren, having mastered everything a toddler can possibly master, just continue to be adorable besties at the dollhouse.

Soon though.. it is time.

Screenshot-1057Party time, that is! It’s the twins’ birthday. And while this room, empty save for the household and our maid, doesn’t show it.. I DID actually throw a party for the twins. Guests and all.

Screenshot-1056The guests just ignored the birthday boy & girl and headed to the living room instead. Harlowe is in the background dancing, while her oldest Paolo is playing our video games (her husband Isidro opted to stay home with their toddler Mateo). Emrys & his wife Sheena are dancing. TheirΒ  little girl Margaret is somewhere here too.. not sure who’s watching their youngest, Trenton.

Screenshot-1055Maren’s up first

As she sparkles & spins into a child, Beckett takes his place at his cake.

Your turn, Beckett! (I’ll have to add their traits next update because you know I didn’t have my act together enough to write it down.)

Screenshot-1078Here’s Beckett (with cousin Margaret behind him). He’s still a cutie.

Screenshot-1080And a better look at Maren.

Screenshot-1081Foster’s still a looker too. Man, all three kids are cute right now.

Screenshot-1082I still have a bit of a soft spot for Beckett though.

Screenshot-1083All the kids went with dad to the science center and then the grocery. The twins joked with each other, then started a big game of tag with everyone there.

There we go. Boring, but at least it’s proof I haven’t given up. Still… most likely the play time will be going to the Murdles in the short-term until I can fix the save. πŸ™‚


A small hiatus

So the last play session (where almost half the household died within about a 36 hour span) was a bummer. I’m used to letting my sims go, just not usually all at once. And, ya know, with drama layered in there. BUT, then a wonderful diversion appeared.. the Baby Boom challenge: 12 boys & 12 girls to the same parents, no gender-influencing. I had to try it. It would mean I’d get to use some of the genetics that have shown up during the spare’s lines to create a founder for that challenge. I’ll be posting up that mini adventure here: Feel free to check it out, and I know I’ll miss my Jacobsens and be back to playing them soon, likely after Thanksgiving. πŸ™‚ So, just a small hiatus. Expect me back to posting here about the beginning of December.

The one where I yell at my sims

When last I left, a wild Error Code 12 had appeared, forcing me to quit without saving. However, good news…it appears that I had only lost about a sim-day worth of play. And better news, it let me play & save just fine once I restarted it. It looks like I’m just at the point that I’ll have to keep my play sessions shorter/shut down more often.

So we return with a walls-down shot to show the toddlers learning away. πŸ™‚ Berlin only rolls wishes for Maren currently.

Screenshot-2213And Darrick has only wished to interact with Foster.
Darrick: “You’re so cute I could just eat you up.”
Don’t nom on the baby.

Darrick: “Fine. But he’s my precious and I’m gonna love on him.”
Person-person plus spam goes on for the next several minutes.

Berlin: “And I’mma love on her!”
FINE, love her, that’s as it should be. But since she looks pretty much exactly like your mom coloring-wise, she’ll be flying the nest as soon as she grows up. πŸ˜›

At least gramma Ember knows what’s up. When she boasts about her grandkids (which she wishes to do all the time LOL), it’s generally Beckett who’s she one she’s pointing out. I set her to skilling him since he hadn’t gotten wished for yet.

Awww, and look at that sweet widdle face thriving under the attention! (Yeah, not even gonna pretend to not show favoritism. LOL I won’t claim it’ll stick though. Emrys was my favorite when the previous generation were children, but wasn’t my first choice for heir.)

Screenshot-2222And then there was this brief bit of nightmare as grampa Harlan put Foster down for bed.

And then he snapped back to himself, leaving everyone who witnessed it a little bewildered.
Foster: “Is this real life?”
Harlan: “Let’s never speak of this again.”

Screenshot-2225Teaching her favorite to walk

Screenshot-2228Honestly though, none of these toddlers ever wants for anything. Here’s a typical shot of when one of them wakes & fusses. Foster woke up hungry. Every adult in the house dropped what they were doing to head over. Great-grampa Liam was fastest (usually is), and so everyone else was left to stomp & moan about how they couldn’t feed Foster because Liam was in the way. If they’d wait 10 minutes, they could just move on to the next crib. These three are pretty close to on the same schedule.

Screenshot-2229Berlin’s moving up in her job now finally, after all the baby-accrued vacation days have passed. She gets a spiff uniform to wear now.

Screenshot-2231Harlan: “OMFG, xylophone music! Yes! Woo!”

And then, my camera panned over to the saddest-most-expected thing ever…
Liam, nooooo!!

Liam: ” At least I’ve got clean undies on.”

Screenshot-2234And then the bathroom door slammed shut on him, killing him instantly.

Liam accepted this all much more graciously than I did, greeting Grim with a handshake and performing a perfect dive into his urn. I suppose when you make it to 123 on an 85-day life span, you’re about ready to go. LOL (I seriously was starting to wonder if I’d loose Ember & Harlan first. They’re both at full now too.) He’ll be missed by his twins, his 6 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren.

Berlin gets the news as soon as her shift is over. “There’s a hole in my heart that no one else can fill, grandpa. I’ll never find someone else to scream at me while I work out like you could.”

She heads home and… well, everyone deals with grief differently. Berlin apparently deals with it by instantly wishing for woohoo.Β  Unsurprisingly, Darrick is only too happy to support her in this time of trial.

Foster, meanwhile, has lost all ability to functionally use the pegbox in the wake of his great-grandfather’s death.

Darrick collects Foster for a story, gramma Ember settles in to read with Maren, and Beckett – having just finished his book with grampa Harlan – proves that he can still work the recently vacated pegbox.
Beckett: “Like a boss.”

I took a picture of this because this was the point when I realized that Darrick is neither neat nor neurotic. I would have sworn he had the neat trait because while the rest of my sims couldn’t give two craps about leaving dishes and clothes and puddles everywhere (“we have maid service, they’ll get to it”), Darrick is often cleaning a counter or mopping a potty overflow puddle or even wishing to do laundry. As he was scrubbing here, I had his panel pulled up and… no neatness. Just type A, I guess.

Screenshot-2258Berlin actually left the bedroom (she was at the side of the bed, and there’s a rocking chair in there too), to wander all the way out to the study so she could pass out on the floor. Wake yo punk ass up, GO TO BED.

The next morning, Berlin got up in time to let all the hooligans out of their cribs before heading off to a day of work.

Maren’s awaiting a bottle.

About 5 minutes after this while I was trying to get a more happy-face picture of her, a “lost a friend” moodlet popped up for her. For all three toddlers. What? They only know family, what friend could they lose? I pulled up the relationship panel, and Ember was no longer friends with them. So I went to check and see what she was doing…

WHAT THE HOLY HELL, EMBER? Amorous hugs are NOT for your son-in-law. Your husband is sitting RIGHT THERE. The husband that you have a current wish to boink. Gah… WHYYY???!! You’re old and going to die soon anyway, could you not just have ignored that urge and kept your spotless reputation? That’s it. You’re moving out, with Harlan, cuz this can’t happen again.

No sooner had she put the phone away from arranging for them to move, than this happened. I felt almost bad for having yelled at her that she was going to die soon anyway…but then knowing that “soon” was actually meaning if she had waited just FIFTEEN MINUTES MORE she could have gone out in a blaze of love and glory, it just made me mad all over again. And Harlan’s still busy sobbing over Liam who just died a day ago.

Harlan is uncontrollable (since they were in the midst of moving out), and just alternating between sobbing for his father-in-law, sobbing for the betrayal, and sobbing over the death of his wife. “I forgive you honey, you must not have been in your right mind.”

And Darrick looks to be feeling pretty bad there too. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, boy. You may not have been the one initiating, and you didn’t return advances… but you also didn’t stop her, and you LIKED IT. I saw that person-person-plus. ALL the menial tasks will be given to you for the forseeable future.

Screenshot-2269And with that, Ember flies off to her urn, leaving all manner of feels behind her.

But, the day must go one, and this day is Foster’s birthday.

I set him up a cake on the dining table, and am quite surprised to see that grandpa Harlan is the one who brings him. Harlan’s not on my household panel anymore, since they were moving.. but hey, I feel for the guy. He needs this. So off to the cake he and Foster go.

Berlin, just walking in the door: “I got home as fast as I could since it’s my baby’s birthday today. Who’s ready to party? Wait… why does it smell like betrayal and sadness in here?” (The one bright thing is that Berlin wasn’t home to witness her mom’s final action before departing.)

Screenshot-2273Foster blew out his candles without incident…

Screenshot-2276…and aged up into a fine-looking young man

Screenshot-2277He rolled the Rebellious trait, which seems so fitting for a child growing up in the midst of that.

And then…
Screenshot-2278I had thought Harlan left after the party to finally complete that Move Out action. However, my sims took off running to the side yard and I found this: Harlan, mourning the loss of his beloved wife earlier this same day, dying of a broken heart. Feeeeeels…

Berlin: “This has been the worst 48 hours ever.”
You’re tellin’ me, sister. And you don’t even know all of what went on. Oofta.

Foster had gotten a jumpstart on sleep and spent the wee hours jumping on the trampoline. I needed the happy boost, so I just watched him bounce until the rest of the household woke up.

And Berlin & Darrick are back to working out their grief in their particular way. LOL

Screenshot-2284Foster: “Hey, check out my awesome building!!”

Maren: “I block too!”

Screenshot-2287Beckett: “Like a boss.”

Screenshot-2288Then Foster made a sphinx. LOL I’ve yet to have a kid that enjoys the block table this much.

Screenshot-2289Since Foster has been a child for like half a day, Berlin wishes for him to be on the honor roll. It’s the weekend, so we’ve got a hot minute to wait for that…but it also means she has off of work. The tiny twins are all skilled up, so she spends some time tutoring Foster.

Screenshot-2290Meanwhile these two get to plotting things by the dollhouse.

And….I think we’ll leave it there. Outta here before any other bad things can happen. Keep all the bad juju to one update. LOL Next time, only good things. *knock wood*

The newlywed show

Hey all! I updated the Kidnap a Jacobsen page to add gens 1 and 6 (4 & 5 were already there), plus a few bonus sims. Now I just need to get around to gens 2 & 3 and I’ll be all caught up. Feel free to grab a simmie, and if you use them in a story, let me know. I’d love to read what they’re up to in other games.

On to the real stuff. Last time, it was largely about the spare. This time, the heiress gets around to stealing the limelight back. πŸ™‚

But first, Emrys wishes to teach Margaret to walk, so he gets down to that before the Big Event this evening. (The big event being, of course, his twin’s wedding.) Berlin being a dramatic sim and all, I figured she wouldn’t want just a small little wedding (indeed she did not, she had wishes to throw a party and buy a wedding cake). So we rented out the Old Pier Beach, and invited some family.

They arrived all in their fancy duds, and I took a moment to drag the wedding cake out of inventory and set it up on a table near the entrance to the beach. It took like three seconds, but when I panned back to find Berlin & Darrick…

…they had decided to strip down and go for a swim. Ugh. YOU GUYS. Well too bad Berlin. Joke’s on you. I’m going to make you get married in your swim clothes then. As soon as you turn down the creepy elder who’s calling you for a date.

Step 1. Get out of the water and call him over. Look at this romantic scene behind you.
Step 2. Get married.

Screenshot-2086Berlin: “Now? But.. this isn’t how my photos were supposed to look! I was supposed to be dressed in my lovely white silk!”
Which you were, and took off as soon as you arrived at the wedding. So get on with it.

Berlin: “So honey, I know we’re mostly indecent, but for some reason I’m compelled to start the ceremony anyway.”
Darrick: “Sounds good to me.”

The attire didn’t seem to phase any of the guests though.

Hungry, fussy toddler though.. that appalled everyone.
Jean: “I, uh, have no idea who this kid is, never seen her before in my life?”

I now pronounce you man and wife.

You may kiss the bride. And… you now look naked. LOL

Darrick: “There’s cake here too? Best party ever.”
And they both autonomously changed into their fancy formal gear to cut the cake. Because that’s obviously the most important part of a wedding ceremony. Gotta look good for cake.

They stood gazing at the cake for a long while until I think Darrick forgot about it and started swooning over his ring instead. (I’m wondering if he’s absent-minded. I forgot to check his traits.) Berlin gave up getting the perfect pic and just cut the cake on her own.

Berlin settles down with her twin, her cousin (and boss) Jean, and her new mother-in-law to enjoy cake while the rest of the guests crowd around for their own slice. And Darrick is still just super jazzed about being married. *hehe*

After the ceremony, Emrys congratulates Berlin on her new marriage, then he, Sheena, and Margaret head home to gather their things as a new house came onto the market for them. (They moved out into the Goth mansion.) Berlin squeaks in a bit of chess with her nephew Paolo before the guests all head home. It was a good-but-not-great party. Not bad for vows without clothes.

Screenshot-2118And as soon as the newlyweds got home, they wasted zero time. LOL

Much of the next couple days was spent the same way. Honestly. They’d hop out of bed and immediately start flirting and such again. LOL About the fourth autonomous woohoo I made it be a “try for baby”, but I turned off my sound. We’ll see if it worked. They didn’t have wishes for babies, but both grandparents are wishing for grandbabies (and constantly wishing to brag about grandkids to Darrick LOL), so I figured it was close enough for at least a try since they were so willing. *hehe*
Darrick: “Marriage. Is. AWESOME!”

Screenshot-2128Berlin: “And this RING is awesome.”

In the middle of a chatting session, Berlin paused to notice that her belly was expanding a bit.

Berlin: “So, honey, you know we’ve been spending a lot of time in various bedrooms around the house…and, one time, the treehouse..”
Darrick: “Yeah, cuz marriage is awesome.”
Berlin: “Um, yes, but because of that I think we should maybe start shopping for some toys, possibly a soft teddy bear.”

Darrick: “Sure. I can get you a teddy bear. Thanks for the gift tip. *thumbs up*”
Berlin: “Wha? No, honey, focus. I think I’m pregnant. There will be a BABY. Of ours. And if you just give me a thumbs up again, I’ll smack you.”
Darrick: *autonomously compliments appearance, flirts*

Ha, maybe he’s not as dumb as I thought. (I just cracked up at Berlin’s what-the-heck posture when he flashed his thumbs up.)

Screenshot-2139She decided to show everyone that being pregnant doesn’t mean out of shape, and entered the Amateur Olympics. Grandpa Liam entered as well, hoping for a fourth (fifth?) straight title. LOL

Meanwhile, back at home, our maid is hard at work again. *eye roll*

Screenshot-2144Harlan: “Your lack of work ethic disgusts me. Get out of here. You’re fired.”
She tried unsuccessfully to pout her way out of it, and then just demanded her fee for the day (the day where she DID NOTHING) before she’d leave.

Olympics are over and the results are in. Liam’s winning streak was broken, but he wasn’t upset about it.. as it was his grand daughter Berlin who did take the title. He’s like 120, and so probably happy to pass the reins. LOL

And shortly after getting home, all hell broke loose in her abdomen.

A quick trip to the hospital and they welcomed their new baby boy, Foster. Despite having wished for a girl, new daddy Darrick still feels like his baby’s the best prize he could have gotten.

Screenshot-2153Berlin: “Whew. I made it. Still alive.”

And so what do they do, IMMEDIATELY? New momma gives Foster a quick snuggle, sets him in the crib, then hits on proud papa.

I mean really. ROFL

Can’t stop the love train.

Surprise to no one that it ended up here.

A little bit of a surprise that it went immediately into “That was great, let’s go again.” LOL Over the 24 hours, they pretty much did nothing but this, all autonomously. Again, I made one of the times be a try for baby.

And again it worked. Might as well knock out her next baby while she’s still on vacation. Darrick still had his wish for a girl from last time, but he rolled up a wish for a boy this time. I locked that one too because then he’ll be happy either way.

With another baby on the way, Foster’s birthday was celebrated eagerly. (translation: immediately at 12:01am rather than waiting until 9 that night.)

Here he is all smushy and adorable! Daddy’s eye color and a throwback hair color (Darrick’s mom, or Berlin’s gramma maybe? Adorable no matter where it’s from.)

Screenshot-2170Great-grandpa Liam set in to teaching Foster his first steps.

Berlin: “Hey mom, I know we just got out of the baby phase with Foster, but we’re gonna do it all again. Soon.”
Ember: “Fantastic news! I want so many grandkids!” (She had rolled a wish for 5 grandkids back when Foster was still on the way.)

Berlin had been wanting to go to the spa. I figured she deserved it and got her the fancy package. Fancy package takes too long, and the spa emptied out a bunch of freaking out women about halfway through Berlin’s treatment – and one in-labor Berlin who just calmly strolled over to the hospital.

And then she strolled out with a baby carrier.

Great grandpa Liam was snuggling Foster as Berlin headed home, which was too adorable for words so I took a picture instead.

Screenshot-2177The stunned Berlin would like you to meet Beckett. I can remember nothing except that he loves yellow. Daddy Darrick was happy that he got the boy he wished for.

And with baby girl Maren (who loves violet), he got the girl he had wanted since the start. Both babies were placed in their cribs. I love that all three kids have different hair colors.

Darrick give Maren a cuddle before heading to bed.

He hops back up when Beckett needs to eat though.

Darrick: “I fed him and he still cries. Lord give me strength.”


Doubletime snuggling for the tiny twins who were happy to drift off after this.

While the babies are getting put down to rest, Berlin spends some time teaching her big guy Foster how to talk. He seems mystified by why he’d need to say “How much can you press, brah?”

He much preferred the short stroll around the neighborhood.

Not a ton happened, at least that I took pictures of, over the next day or two. Foster finished skilling, Babies ate, slept, pooped, as babies are wont to do. And so the tiny twins birthday was upon us.

Beckett was up first and OMG I love him to tiny bits. I know it’s crazy early to have a favorite y’all, but I haven’t had a red-head yet. That family line banner up there is getting mighty boring with all the blonde & dark brown.

Maren aged up next, and immediately showed off a new trick as I snapped her picture.

Maren: “Wait, that was my birthday picture? I wasn’t ready!”
Sorry baby girl. I’m sure you’ll get a better one soon. And looks like the kids are all three-for-three on greenish/hazel eyes. Whether it’s from Dad (Darrick) or grandma (Ember), I’m not sure. I’ll have to look closer. Their eyes are similar.

Beckett continues to work his way into my favorite spot by seeking out the sole skilling object as soon as he ages up. And looks happy as can be while doing it.

I set Berlin to potty training (since it was her wish), and she did this over and over literally the whole time. LOL

Foster doing quality control testing for the dolls at the dollhouse

Maren swipes the peg box as soon as her twin had vacated it to be taken potty. (You’re next little one so enjoy it while you can.)

Beckett doesn’t let it get him down and goes to join his brother at the dollhouse.

And then my game gave me Error Code 12. Over and over and over, no matter what I did. So I had to quit without saving. I’m hoping like anything that I saved after the little twins aged up as then I’d only lose a day or so, but I can’t be sure. So.. cliffhanger. LOL Also a heads up that it may be a bit longer before next update if I’m re-playing things (or if I’m having to, last resort, move my family.)

More spare than heir

Last time we ended on a house full of grownups, giving us our official heir announcement: Berlin for the win! I’m letting Emrys stay until we need some more space though. πŸ˜›

The first thing the newly young adult twins wished for was to get jobs appropriate for their lifetime wishes. So off they went – Berlin joining the law enforcement career and Emrys joining the science career.

Speaking of careers, Ember finished up the book she was writing and it netted her enough to get to the top of the writer career. Woot! I’ll leave her mainly to her own devices now.

And because they grew up in the dark, here’s some better pics of the twins. Can’t recall who he was on the phone with.

And the lovely Berlin was in the library, filling wishes to write a sci-fi novel.

Harlan’s home & relaxing after another day of hard work. He never wished to retire, so I’m leaving him to it.

Berlin & Darrick met up briefly in the park to catch up on some gossip, of what had been going on at school since she left presumably. It was here that I realized I forgot the change the teen setting when the twins aged (1 or 2 days prior, can’t recall), so I did that.

That night, half the teens in town grew up. LOL

And so very late that night, when Darrick was spotted outside the theater, I sent Berlin over there to hang with her man. She immediately wished to watch the stars with him. Done!

Darrick: “And look, just there, if you squint your eyes.. you can just make out a person staying up way too late to take pictures of us.”
Berlin: “*gasp* Did you say pictures?”

Both: “Cheeeeeese”

And as the sun rose over the mountain, Berlin decided to make sure that Darrick knew just how serious she was about them as a couple.

*trait discovered: Hopeless Romantic*

After his giddy acceptance, Berlin flung herself into his arms. I left them be to check in on the house.

Ah, here we see the maid, hard at work. *grumble grumble* If you could see inside, you’d see piles of clothes lying around, and Harlan washing the dishes himself. I had Liam tell her to stop doing that. She did stop, but said “Looks like my work here is done,” charged us $125, and left. I hate the days when she comes. She does nothing except chat with any male in the house and, apparently, play in the sprinkler. If I could send her to live with Bonehilda, I would. LOL

Emrys wants to go on a date with Sheena, so here we are. Aw, and look in the background, big sis Harlowe is there too.

Isidro: “Harlowe, are you sure we want to eat here? There’s just so many people… *shudder*”
Emrys & Sheena are sweet though. LOL

More sweetness (Berlin is just doing boring skilling with grampa Liam, who’s still kicking and still loving to train her in the athletic skill.)

Eventually Emrys works up the nerve to pop the question to Sheena.

Screenshot-2047They decided on a quick ceremony at City Hall the following evening.

It was an intimate ceremony, with just the immediate family gathered around. (Sheena’s family were invited when we called Sheena to meet us there, but none came. Drama. LOL)

Screenshot-2053It didn’t seem to matter to the happy couple though, who shared their first kiss as man and wife as the sun slipped behind the horizon.

And then things got awkward.

Liam & Harlan: “What a beautiful bride.”
Sheena: “Your grandpa’s hot.”

No. I’m getting a squirt bottle to spray you all. Ugh.

Screenshot-2057Emrys wasted no time in rolling up a wish for woohoo. Following a little friskiness when they got home, they headed up to the bedroom. I guess this is supposed to be a come hither look from him? Not quite the look I’d wanna see.. LOL

Screenshot-2059Aw, that’s better. Okay you two, you’re cute, I’ll allow it.

This loose impression of Emrys turned out to be a masterpiece worth over $2,000.

Screenshot-2061Lookit! A belly pop! Now I’m going to make them stay until the baby’s here at least.

Sheena goes to spread the good news to Emrys. Liam overhears that he’s about to be a great-grandpa (again), and cheers.

Berlin, apparently decided not enough attention was being paid to her, so she rolled a wish to marry Darrick. I had been waiting, hoping to get her some work days (and promotions) before starting the string of vacation days that comes from weddings and babies. But the wish is there, so the marrying will happen soon anyway.

Heading in to her work, finally! She and Emrys (and Harlan, now that I think about it) had glitched and the countdown to their work hours kept resetting. Maybe because I switched the ages? Who knows. Anyway, it fixed itself on its own and off to work she went. She worked hard and got a promotion the first day.

Screenshot-2064Emrys and Sheena meanwhile wished for a date and to read pregnancy books, so I tried to knock out two wishes at once. Sitting next to each other and reading sounds like a good date to me.

They tried catching a movie too, but other stuff came up. πŸ˜‰ So off to the hospital they went, with a brief pause for Emrys who needed to stop & gaze at his wedding ring. Delivery went smoothly and they soon came out with a baby girl they named Margaret.

Screenshot-2067Berlin is wishing to max her athletic skill. Grampa Liam is only too happy to help.

Proof that baby Margaret is in the house. I thought I took a picture of her coming home with her parents, but I guess I didn’t. That was the last time either of them held her during her infancy. Grandparents/great-grandparent were too fast. LOL

Emrys: “I hope I can be as great a dad for Margaret as you were for me, Dad. I remember how you would make my favorite – pbj – and always know to cut it in the perfect rectangles.”
Harlan: “I remember one time I cut it in triangles and you acted like it was possibly poisoned. LOL You’ll make a fine dad as long as you realize it’s not always magically easy.”

Screenshot-2072Margaret was a little hungry, so another grey-haired sim rushed to the rescue. I can’t even get over the cuteness of his eye wrinkles as he smiles down at her.

I know Berlin, the actual heiress, hasn’t been in this update much. Aside from her Darrick wish though, all of her wishes have been athletic. So she’s always at work or working out. I thought when she maxed athletic (which she did up there while being trained by Liam), those wishes would be done. Not so much – here she has simultaneous wishes to workout for 6 hours straight and to workout for 8 hours straight. As soon as she gets to the second promotion (currently thisclose), I’ll allow the wedding and things will hopefully go in a more photo-worthy direction for her.

Emrys & Sheena tried one more time to get a date (it didn’t count the last one since it ended in the delivery room. πŸ˜‰ ) I cracked up at the amount of sims bitching in unison about a toddler who was fussy, no doubt tired since it was late.

Screenshot-2075They had their great date though, and headed home to watch their own baby girl grow into a toddler.

Screenshot-2077An adorable toddler at that.

Emrys immediately wanted to teach her to talk, so he worked on that all through the night until it was time for him to head to work. She obviously has his coloring, and maybe jawline, but I’m thinking she might end up looking more like mom in other respects.

Next time, there will be (fingers crossed) a wedding for Berlin & moving out of Emrys & family. For now, I leave you with an adorable shot of toddler Margaret and her favorite person in the house – great-grampa Liam.

The one with brief male-pattern baldness

Last time the younger three Jacobsens had some fun as teens. This time, more teendom, some romance, and a lot of growing up in the dark.

Berlin gets a promotion after her very first day of work, then immediately finishes her homework. Good girl.

Harlowe: “So, uhm, kissing, what are your views on that? Like, specifically kissing me?”

*awkward pause*

Emrys: “Well THAT escalated quickly.”
(LOL His hand is not really there, is just the angle, but I cracked up when I saw the pic.)

Looks like his views on kissing, like specifically kissing her, are pretty favorable.

Screenshot-1911I give you a snap of Liam on his 111th birthday.
Liam: “Eleventy-one years is too short a time to live among such excellent and admirable sims…”
Well, you’re sticking around, I just wanted to show your cute old man face again.

Harlowe heads over to Emilio’s house later on. “Look, Emilio, we’ve been friends forever. But ever since we went to prom together, it’s been weird. You answer my calls but won’t ever come over. Aside from school, we haven’t seen each other at all. I miss just hanging with you. Can we just go back to being friends?”

Emilio: *blows the eff up* (Seriously wish there were a couple choices. Like “dump X” would be mean and “ask X to be friends” would be friendly.)

And Harlowe smiles because she knows she’s free to date Isidro now. LOL (She and Emilio are still at “best friend” status despite the blowup though.)

Harlowe went to work her shift at the bookstore (where she apparently works in a lab coat and goggles?) As soon as it ended, she called Isidro up for a date like she’s been wishing for a while. I sent them off to watch a movie, but they didn’t even make it inside.

Screenshot-1918It was her birthday and I totally forgot. At least her sister and Isidro were there to cheer her on.

She grew up, as expected, quite lovely, and rolled Good Sense of Humor. πŸ™‚ You get a CAS pic (I was in there changing her clothes/saving her for download) since she grew up in the dark. It did put the kibosh on her date though. It’s okay, I think he grows up tomorrow.

And at this point, I went through and edited some things regarding life stages. I play on normal, and I’ve been wanting to tweak it to make it seem more reflective of real life stage length for a bit now. So I made the infant stage as short as possible (I wanted 1 day, 2 was as low as it would go.) I made toddlers be 5 days (figuring toddler/preschool age is ages 1-5). Child stage is staying at 7 days (elementary being roughly 6-12). Teen stage I haven’t changed yet since Emrys & Berlin are in the midst of it, but once they hit YA I’ll change teen length to 7 as well (ages 13-19.) I am treating “young adult” to be the (non-teen) child-bearing years for ladies, so I have it at 28 I think (20-47). “Adult” is the non-child-bearing-but-still-in-the-workforce years, so I have it at 20 (48-67). Elder is retirement age (68+) but I think full life is around 80 (85?) rather than 90 on the normal settings. And then I used Nraas to set it so that adult females can no longer get pregnant so that it fits more with my ages, and I downloaded a mod to make pregnancies be 1 day instead of 3 (again in keeping with my ages of 1 day being roughly 1 yr).

Berlin had been out with Darrick when the curfew police nabbed her. Harlan chewed her out and grounded her. Of course.

Harlan: I wonder if I was too hard on her?
Berlin: It won’t stick. I’m his baby girl.

She proceeds to walk off, and he follows her, stopping her to “ask about day” and “chat” and all sorts of friendliness. LOL

Finally she had enough. “We were just hanging out at the park, making sure we were in front of God and everybody so that no one could think we were doing bad things. The stars were so pretty, I lost track of time. Besides I LOVE him, and it’s not fair that you want to keep us apart when I didn’t do anything wrong!” (Okay, she just talked about hearts, but I’m pretty sure this is what that translated as.)

Harlan decided to keep up with the friendly actions, so I figured he had a change of heart and had him let her off the hook.

She met up with Darrick at the park again the next day to make it official. (Because story progression kept having everyone else flirt with him)

He agreed that being her steady boyfriend would make him very happy indeed.

Isidro grew up, so Harlowe tries that date again. They chat in front the theater briefly before going in…

Screenshot-1929I took my cue from that chat, and they *ahem* expanded on their talk backstage.

And then Isidro had to leave (work?), said the date was good he guessed but maybe they could switch it up a little next time. Oof, hard to impress, that one.

Harlan aged up that evening. Adorable little old man.

Ember aged up too. She toned her style down some in her old age, but I gave her a pair of glasses with bright red rims.

Screenshot-1940Emrys finally rolled a lifetime wish a couple days ago – he wants to be a creature-robot crossbreeder. So he’s now in charge of the garden, and spends time watching fishing shows and working on logic items. This evening, he discovered a yellow giant. We named it Big Bird, because what else would you name something large and yellow?

Speaking of large and yellow.. LOL Harlowe had a belly pop! Looks like the little tour of the theater did the trick.

She called Isidro over to break the news to him.

Screenshot-1945Harlowe: “So, remember our chat outside the theater? And then *ahem* inside the theater? We may need to talk about that further..”
Isidro: “OMG, for real? Squeeee!” *family-oriented trait discovered LOL*

Screenshot-1950Since their dates have all gotten cut short (by aging up, by needing to work, etc.) I sent them on a final one before the baby was here. Movie first, then dinner because she was hongry.

Uh, Isidro? You okay there? He derped his way on inside the restaurant after Harlowe.

Screenshot-1953Halfway through dinner the restaurant emptied out. That kid started shrieking like he was being gutted.
Harlowe: “What’s with the kid?”
Kid: *horrifying scream*
Dude: “Nonononono..”
Harlowe: “Seriously, you guys. Isidro, what’s — oof, that smarts. *breathes through a contraction* Whew that passed.”
Isidro: “Omgomgomgomgomg”

She had no patience for them losing all chill, so she set off to the hospital on her own.

Screenshot-1958Harlowe and Isidro would like to introduce the newest member of the family – baby boy Paolo. (No idea why they both wanted to stare up at the ceiling, but at least it gave a good angle on the baby.)

Screenshot-1960Disturbed by all the camera-time her sister was getting just from having a baby, Berlin made sure she and Darrick were being autonomously adorable as Harlowe brought the baby home.

Screenshot-1961Then they went to water the garden.

As soon as she had Paolo, Harlowe wished to get married. She had asked Isidro to stay the night when they brought home their boy. In the morning, before he even had time to get dressed, she called him out on the balcony and proposed. He happily accepted.

Neither one of them had any desire for a big get together, so they opted for a private ceremony right then and there.

Screenshot-1970And while Harlowe is a beauty and I love her and Isidro’s awkwardness together, she got two votes in the heir poll and is not our heir. So here we see the new little family as they leave the house to strike out on their own.

Lightening the mood, a little father-son bonding moment.

Also, the twins both had wishes pop up to attend prom. I KNOW the actual pop-up didn’t show, because I’ve been watching for it. Maybe I didn’t just not notice the last two proms, maybe my game’s not giving me the notification. At least we’ve got the wishes, so prom should be in the next couple days I guess?

Screenshot-1975Stuff was boring at home, so I had great-grandpa Liam (yep, still kickin’ around) visit Harlowe as soon as baby Paolo aged up. Isn’t he a cutie? Both mom & dad have black hair and tan skin, but his eye color looks to be from Gramma Ember, who in turn got it from her gramma I believe. πŸ™‚

Berlin: “So I heard that prom is coming up and I was wondering if you’d want to take me?”
Darrick: “I’m so glad you asked me! Maybe we should match or coordinate outfits. Do you want to hang out afterwards? Maybe we can go hang out before? Or we can talk more at school. Oh my… I am so excited.”

Screenshot-1978And then Emrys came over and butted in with some comment about getting a bed but not for sleeping.
Darrick: “Uhm… I’m uh.. I gotta go. See you later, Berlin.”

Berlin: “OMG, Emrys, what is WRONG with you?! Why would you.. UGH! Don’t you want me to be happy?!” *storms inside*
Emrys: “Whatever. That was funny. At least I’ll be alone out here when Sheena arrives.”

Emrys: “Prom should be a blast, but even better if you go with me. What do you say?”
Sheena: “Are you pranking me? I’m so happy you asked and I’ll go with you for sure! Be prepared to have an awesome pose for our prom picture!”

The next few days went by fairly boring. Berlin consistently rocks the honor roll, is at the top of her part-time career, has gotten a raise, and has grampa Liam training her generally in her spare time. Emrys is on the honor roll too, ditches whatever after-school activity it was that he signed up for, but has gotten his logic, fishing, and gardening all maxed. (Thank you tabcasts) Ember & Harlan are still all cute and in love. Ember is thisclose to maxing her career. Hopefully one more book will do it.

Finally, the day for prom arrived. I wasn’t sure it would ever get here. They got drug down to the park for a few shots of them all dressed up. There was some jostling for position, a bit of drama because Emrys was hogging all the best light that Berlin had wanted, but at least we got one fairly decent one of the two together.

And because they’re here and dressed up (and also because prom took forever to get here and so they’re aging up this evening and I don’t know if it will even let them finish prom if they have to age lol), we nabbed one of each separately.



And then they headed home to await the limo to prom, where I will try to catch the highlights.

-Emrys was deemed ruler of the school. Prom King never looked so good.
-Berlin was tearing up the dance floor when they announced she was Prom Queen. Everyone high fived her as she ran up to accept. (Dramatically, I’m sure.)

Screenshot-2000Kids are still leaving the school. Here’s Darrick walking out despite being Berlin’s date, and apparently revealing that he likes Berlin a lot at the same time.

-Emrys is tearing up the dance floor. Wooooo! (Number of o’s is approximate.)
-Darrick (Darrick’s clone?) has been getting Berlin punch the entire night. Impressive.
-Emrys spotted a wardrobe malfunction. (Might be the most excitement he’s had so far.)
-Emrys’ picture is reportedly awesome.
-Darrick still getting Berlin punch. (This prom is putting me to sleep.)
-Berlin & Darrick were the dynamic duo of the dance. Everyone was copying their moves. Definitely chemistry there.
-What an amazing night! Emrys won’t soon forget this dance. (I totally will though. These updates are a snoozefest. Where’s all the drama?)
-Emrys spots a three-eyed llama. For the second time.
-Berlin & Darrick were inseparable! They are definitely hitting it off and possibly the cutest couple at the dance! (Emrys’ date Sheena did show, as he got the wishes fulfilled for it, but she wasn’t mentioned at all. LOL)

And with that, prom was done. Emrys came out first and..
…party time!

Here he is! He rolled athletic to add to his other traits.

And with zero votes in the heir poll (poor thing), he is not our heir either. But here’s a good peek at his face before we send him off next chapter.

Of course, Emrys aging up means it’s also time for Berlin. “Everybody, it’s my birthday!”

She sparkle-spins her way into young adulthood and… ooof. Don’t worry, I got you, boo.

There. Better. She rolls Lucky to add to her traits.

I’ll get better closeup ones later, but here’s a sneak peek until next time of your official new heiress, with 80% of the vote!


Just a tiny update

Last time.. was a bit ago. All my pixel people turned to teenagers, I set up an heir poll, and then real life showed up in a big way. (The other responsible adult in the house broke a bone, I went on a trip, our family pet of 16 years passed away…all in like a week span.) Anyway, back and trying to ease back into things. Some of these pictures were taken weeks ago and I never have my act together enough to take notes, so we’ll just see what I can remember. I think good enough.

Emrys: “So mom, how’s about teaching me to drive?”
Ember: “OMG yes! I can’t believe my little baby boy is that big though. Seems like just yesterday when you were playing with toy cars…” (It was.)

Berlin: “Sucker. I got Grampa to teach me. He’s way more chill.”

And off they go, learning to drive in matching motive mobiles. LOL They followed the same route to about this corner, when one van turned and the other went up the curve there. Ember & Emrys went to the stadium and stopped and got out. Apparently mom just could. not. even. and had to take a breather for a second or something. I had ’em try again and she stuck it out that time.

Harlan: “Hey pumpkin…you look a little pained.”
Harlowe: “Uhm, I think I’m stuck? All I want is to sit by you and do my homework, but I can’t move.”
I waited for a few but she stayed frozen, so I had to reset her. When I did, her homework was gone, so she never got to do it this night.

I believe this was Ember’s first masterpiece. Or an accidental screenshot of nothing important, which is also possible.

Otis is all grown up and I still love his face. I will likely put him (and siblings?) up on the downloads page despite him being neither heir nor spare.

Harlowe had been trying to invite Emilio over, but he kept saying no. I had her try once to invite Isidro over and he came over straight away. And awww, her face. Seriously this is the look every time she’s around him.

And they’re both loners? Okay, that clinches it. Isidro for Harlowe. They can be anti-social together. LOL

Screenshot-1878Twins both digging in to their favorite foods. Not exactly a milestone photo but you get it all the same.

The adults had gone on a vacation so I set the kids to fulfilling wishes. Harlowe wanted to make some potion, Emrys wanted to gain a logic point, Berlin wanted a part-time job.

Screenshot-1884Emrys becomes the first person since Bonehilda to autonomously play foozball.

Aw, all of Luna’s kids are teens. (L to R, oldest to youngest: Lukas, Bryon, Janie)

Darrick (the red-head mentioned in the heir poll) aged up, so I clicked to find him.. hanging out at the graveyard. Oh-kay. Whatever. Sent Berlin over there anyway so I could see if they’d work. Heart-farts say it’s likely.

Synchronized “Ghosts Are Gross” emotion. Maybe, I dunno, don’t hang in the graveyard at night? I sent her home after this, feeling I had pushed my luck vs. the curfew police quite far enough for one night.

Olga had decided to go steady with someone before Emrys could impress, so I went onΒ  a hunt for the other option, Sheena. I found her… in the graveyard. Seriously? I mean at least it’s daytime but this is not where I’d expect the hot teen hangout spot to be. Anyway, he chatted her up for a bit, but then it was time for school.

After school, Berlin invited Darrick over because I was sick of romantic pics in the graveyard. LOL A little flirting…

And she goes in to seal the deal.

Screenshot-1893Aw, she liked it! I wonder if he did, too.

Berlin: “Are you kidding me? Look at him. He’s smitten. I got this.”

Emrys kept having circumstances pop up that had kept him from starting things up with Sheena. They hung out briefly at the playground only for the curfew police to nab him as soon as he had the flirt queued up. Then there was the chat at the graveyard in the morning, but it was interrupted by needing to go to school. Finally I found her at the gym.. with some other guy flirting at her. Nope, not today! So I hauled Emrys down there and we didn’t waste any time. LOL Fortunately, she seemed receptive.

Emrys: “So Sheena.. I was thinking it’d be awesome if you were my girlfriend.”

Nicholas: *pouts because she was just flirting with him before THIS guy swooped in*

Emrys: “So.. what do you say?”
Sheena: “Yes!”
Emrys: “Really?”
Sheena: *actions speak louder than words*
Totally didn’t count as their first kiss though, which is fine, I’ll wait for him to wish it now that she won’t be snapped up by someone else.

And.. that’s it for now. Lame short update is lame.. but at least it’s something. Hopefully the upcoming week is calmer (translation: more simming!) There’s only like 3-4 sim days until Harlowe ages up, and the twins are a weekish behind her.

Generation 6 heir poll


She is adorable. She mostly walks around looking slightly worried, but she’s also the most likely to autonomously pop on a tabcast and pick up a skill point out of any sim I’ve had. She’s got a couple mate choices below. Isidro on the left is the only non-family sim she’s ever rolled a wish for, and also the only one she has approached to talk with. She always smiles when she sees him. Emilio on the right is the one that the game apparently really wants her with. Her first day of elementary school, she was given the opportunity to befriend him. When they reached high school, he called her up to ask her to prom (which I didn’t realize was happening LOL). I left it at romantic interest with him though because she herself doesn’t make any moves to him, and when I’ve had her try to invite him over, he has always said no. πŸ˜›

Emrys largely spent his childhood with his head in the clouds, having one imaginative fantasy after another. Now he rolls lots of wishes to discover various potions, or donate to charities, and just kicks around in his free time so far. Nothing consistent yet, and no thoughts on what he wants to do in life, but he’s got lots of time. He’s got a couple options for mate as well. On the left is Olga who was his first (non-twin πŸ˜‰ ) friend in elementary school, though they drifted a bit. Now that they’re both in high school, he has noticed she’s kind of cute. And on the right is a cheaty teen-in-CAS pic of Sheena, who is about three days younger than him and thus still a child.. but not for long. I like her look. πŸ™‚

Berlin is proving to be quite the moodlet queen LOL. She tends to gravitate towards chatting on the computer when she’s home, and rolls lots of wishes to visit the park, etc too. She tends to be chatty with people when she’s out & about. She was the first to decide what she wanted to do, setting her sights on becoming an International Super Spy when she was still a child. Like her siblings, she’s got a couple choices for mate as well.. On the left is Darrick in another cheaty teen-in-CAS pic for the same reason as Sheena above (he’s still got a day before he ages up in game but I’m impatient and didn’t want to wait, so I took him in there to peek). I love me some red-head genes. πŸ™‚ And on the right is Alvin. They became friends at the park one day. And honestly, if Harlowe doesn’t go for Emilio, he’d be a viable option too.

So, cast your vote now! Comment, or just follow the link below to vote (I tried to embed it in the post but just could not get that to work.)


And then they were all teens

This is Artie’s girl, Chandra (so, second cousin to these kids). It looks like Liam is chewing her out, but really he went to visit and she roped him into reading her a bedtime story.

Chandra: “Hi, nice to meet you. Read me to sleep.”
Liam: “Sure, kiddo.” *proceeds to make faces behind her back the whole time*

Saturday morning. Berlin is eating breakfast, Emrys is ruling over all by the chess table, and Ember & Harlan are being nauseatingly romantic.

The kids decide enough is enough of that gross kissing stuff, and both roll wants to leave and take a fishing class. Emrys doesn’t even stop to change.

Liam and Harlowe were at the park, meanwhile.

Harlowe: “Grampa, can you teach me how to drive?”
Liam: “Sure sweetie, why not? Race you to the car!”

And then Harlowe lost her mind with excitement as she ran to the street, re-entered the park, sprinted into the middle of the fountain, realized her mistake, turned around, and booked it back through the fountain to the road again. Wish I was quick enough to catch her when she was in the middle of the fountain. LOL

Berlin crushes the opposition on e-Sportball while Emrys reiterates that it’s good to be the king.

Harlowe continues to be a good big sister, with Berlin often choosing to ask her to read a bedtime story. Lilac & spiceberry everywhere here in the girls’ room. Their room reminds me of my grandma’s room. Purple was her favorite color & her wallpaper was similar to this. πŸ™‚

I sent Emrys to the gym, figuring he’d have some fun there that didn’t involve standing on our chairs. Clearly he just used those chairs to rule from, and then I found him fishing in the swimming pool. I didn’t even know they could do that. It doesn’t show up as an option at home. He even caught something! (A toad. What is that doing in a pool? An indoor pool no less.)

His twin headed over and challenged him to a breath holding contest. She thoroughly trounced him.

And then I turned my game off for several days and forgot what everyone was doing when I turned it on again. So.. quick sim check.
Harlowe was busy walking around the house with a slightly worried look, as is the norm for her. She was headed to start up a tabcast (she autonomously does those more than any sim I’ve had. I love it. She’s at level 5 in logic & writing, level 3 in guitar, and level 1 in several more skills without me doing anything.)

Ember was in the midst of writing, as usual. I had her write a masterpiece based on her family so far titled Halfway There. (Which means that every time I click for her to continue writing, I get “Livin’ on a Prayer” stuck in my head.)

Liam, who is like 99 days old, is dressed in his workout gear and heading to the garage to pump extreme iron. He’s still constantly working out when left to his own devices.

Harlan is off working at his diner. Between actual work and “work from home”, he keeps busy.

The twins were still at the gym/pool, though Emrys had climbed out. Berlin soon followed and tagged him, declaring him it. He was all “Challenge accepted” and chased her out of the building and tagged her so hard that she rammed her head into a tree. Ah sibling competition. *hehe*

Later that night, we made a circuit of checking the spares’ houses to see which kids had aged up that we hadn’t seen yet. Luna’s youngest, Janie, is a child now, and her middle one, Bryon, is a teen. Over at Phoenix’s place, their middle child, Jean, was also a teen (who did not want to stand in good lighting, so you get a gross, shadowy pic. Sorry.)

Look at this sweet baby boy, discovering the kids’ oven all on his own!

Not to be outdone, Harlowe goes to mop up the puddle that was ignored by the maid who came, chatted with the males in the house, and then left. (First female maid we’ve had. She didn’t do jack. LOL) Anyway, Berlin better step up her game, cuz these two are in my good books right now. *hehe*

Aww, look at this! I had sent Harlowe to the library because her friend Emilio was there, but he left before she arrived. However, Isidro (the boy Berlin had seesawed with) was there and is a teen now (he’s only one day younger than Harlowe.) This is the first non-family sim that she autonomously decided to talk to, ever, and she was adorably nervous as she approached.

But she dug deep and found the nerve anyway, and they hit it off well, chatting up the virtues of lilac vs. green or something. She looked so happy that he was talking back, now I can’t decide whether to put her with Emilio or Isidro.

They all sat on the couch at the same time!! I was so excited that I turned free will off to make them stay there until I could get a picture where they were all at least sort of looking. *hehe*

A couple kids I’m keeping my eye on – this girl (Sheena) is my favorite non-family girl in town at the moment, and the little guy in the back has red hair that I love. We’ll see if puberty is kind to them.

Berlin: “Hi mommy, hi daddy, your favorite honor roll student has arrived home.”
Emrys: *eye roll*

(They have the same grade and same school performance at least that I’ve noticed. Only she got honor roll though.)

Later that night, we got the alert that Kent (Phoenix & Lily’s youngest) had aged up to child, so I grabbed Harlowe to go visit so I could see. He still looks much like his brother Otis did at his age. I honestly think I love all three of their kiddos. I’m sure I’ll end up saving them for use later. I may put them up for download even though they’re not heirs or spares, but “spares once-removed” LOL

Checking back in at home, I get there just in time to see a terrified Emrys (who had clearly been joyriding at some point), faint on the porch. Moodlets let me know it was from checking under the bed and finding monsters.

And of course I missed the curfew popup so she was still at her uncle’s at 11:15 when the curfew police came for her. Harlan tore into her and grounded her for 2 days. I made him let her off the hook because look at that face. Also because grounding means no school and I’m not about that.

I finally plunk down a chemistry table in the garage. Emrys gets busy knocking out some wishes.

Before school the next day, she gets a phone call from Emilio asking her to prom. She accepts, hangs up, and immediately freaks out. LOL Me too. I had no idea prom was coming. Also still not sure which guy I want for her. It appears she’s torn too if the freak out is any clue.

Artie & Shayla had another baby, Brandi. Big sis Chandra is not pleased.

Berlin wanted the bake stand, so we bought it and I set her to using it. Her actions/wishes continue to be all over the place, way more than anyone else in the house.

Emrys, however, is forever in the land of make believe.

Screenshot-1790Harlan, you get a cookie. You’re the first person to ever pay the trampoline any attention. (I got that pretty much as soon as Liam retired and we didn’t need the fire truck taking up space in the back yard anymore. Then everyone has ignored it since.)

Screenshot-1794Dressed up Harlowe lets me know it’s time for Prom!

Quick check on everyone before I just sit and click through Prom popups.

Screenshot-1796Emrys went home with a friend. He’s busy trying out the chairs at their house now.

Screenshot-1797Berlin didn’t bother coming home. She did her homework and then settled in with a book.

Screenshot-1798Liam: “I think I’ll go for a swim.”
Uh, you’re in the pool already, loony old man. He’s 102 now. I suppose he’s allowed his senior moments.

Screenshot-1799Speaking of moments, looks like the adults are having one. I’ll leave them to it. Off to watch prom.

-Harlowe beat out the mean girl to win Prom Queen! She was speechless and almost fainted. (I’m surprised she didn’t. LOL I imagine being prom queen is our introvert’s nightmare. LOL)
-Emilio asked Harlowe if she wanted to go steady. (She said she wasn’t sure if she was ready for that, needed time to think. aka – I clicked the x. I don’t know yet if I want Emilio or Isidro for her and I hate having to go back to old high school boyfriends to make sure you officially “just be friends” so you don’t get labeled a cheater.)

Screenshot-1800I saw Berlin finish her book and head home, so I figured I’d check in with Emrys. He’s moved on to joyriding on their couch. He’s still yet to interact with the friend (who is just pouting outside on the porch. Around 9, Emrys finally went to chat with him. I know because the curfew warning popped up then too.)

-Emilio danced & charmed his way into Harlowe’s heart and asked if he could be her first kiss. Harlowe said yes! (This I can deal with.)
-Emilio’s been getting her punch, etc all night. He’s making a good impression. (Boring update is boring.)
-Harlowe really made a good impression on Emiliow with some epic dance moves! Twice. (LOL Her updates were boring in general. Here’s hoping that the twins get one that’s not a yawn. They age up tomorrow.)

Screenshot-1801When prom ended, Lily Jacobsen called to ask Harlan on a date. Ugh. NO! Let him go, woman. You’re married, he’s married.

Grampa Liam hauls her out to train when she gets home from Prom.

Harlowe: “You’re kind of scaring me, grampa.”
Liam: “If you don’t feel like your eyes are about to pop out of your head, you’re not trying hard enough!”

She showers and brushes her teeth three times and feels better.

Ember’s totally just mailing it in with her portraits now. Turned out to be worth $694 though. Not bad.

And now, finally what I’ve been waiting for.. the twins’ birthday! They each got a cake, but both crowded around this one to cheer, which I found adorable.

One more peek at my tiny full-of-imagination man..

..and here’s teen Emrys. Hoo, someone looks like their dad. He adds genius to his list of traits.

Berlin’s turn to sparkle-spin..

..and she turns into a lovely teen. She adds Dramatic to her list of traits, which should be fun.

I made them all line up in the living room for a pic (sorry, too lazy to do poses LOL). Honestly I think the whole lot of them took more after dad than mom, which is okay. New genes are fun. I’m hoping to maybe get an heir poll up soon, as I’ve had fun playing Harlowe & Emrys both and Berlin now interests me with her new trait so they’re totally on a level field in my mind.


Need a Jacobsen?

Check it out everyone, I figured out how to share sims successfully (I think.) Up there at the top is a link where you can Kidnap a Jacobsen for your very own game! Right now it’s just Generations 4 & 5 heirs & spares, but I’m going to try to get all of them up there if I can find them all. I’ve saved them as young adults, with non-CC hair & clothes (I have Ambitions, Generations, and Supernatural so it might be from any of those) so I’m sure they’ll look a bit different than my in-game pics, but still. They just use my default skin & eyes (ESkin nAtural+ by Ephemera and Lonely Eyes by Shady). You’re free to doll them up your own way for your game. I’d prefer if the genetics/features stayed the same, but feel free to change traits/lifetime wishes as much as you’d like. If you do grab one and use them, let me know. I’d love to see what they get up to in your game!