The one where I don’t decide anything

Last time the twins hit their teen years, went to Prom, and Basil finally managed to complete the SimBot opportunity that he’s been working on most of his life because I hate running around and collecting things because the final ingredient kept eluding him.

This time…
…this time apparently we find out that Firefighter is an excellent future career choice for Liam as he has taken to playing with the fireplace when I cancel out his workout interaction.

They all gathered out on the porch to birthday it up for the kids. They cheered on Liam (who wore an outfit I’d never seen before) first.

He wished to be allowed to workout again (gimme a tick to get you that job buddy and then your wish is granted), and got all ready to spin up into (young) adulthood.

Then it was Molly’s turn to be celebrated, blow out the candles, and sparklespin.


Neither one turned out funny-looking, and they both have traits that will lend themselves well to an Ambitions career (firefighter Liam, or Private Eye Molly). So I decided that we’d acquire mates and get the first kid out of each before deciding for sure. This way I get to play each a little longer. (Procrastination is something I’m good at, decisions are something I’m bad at. So putting off a decision is a finely honed skill by now.) And I told myself I had to go all in, so their LTW are the ones related to their career (rescue 30 sims, solve 35 cases.)

First things first, we get Liam that firefighter job. He heads into the station right away, and immediately goes for the workout stuff (as you can note by the fact that he has a sweatshirt on in the pic. LOL) He stopped after a bit so he could go see who his coworkers were. All the heart-eyes were had as soon as he spied this gal here – Melisa Blackwell. (An extra “s” will be added if she becomes part of the house one day.) So I left him chatting and joking and having a fine ole time with her.

Meanwhile, Molly’s first career wish was to conduct a stakeout. Looks like she’s getting an eyeful of something scandalous here. I’m also pretty sure that she needs a few more classes in obscuring yourself since her back is completely exposed to anyone behind her.

After getting that out of the way, she takes her first case. She snoops for clues along a sandy beach in heels like a total badass.

And then has to stakeout the beach to finish up the case. Looks like I could have killed to wishes with one stone. Ah well.. at least she’s wised up and has her back to a wall here.

Liam and Melisa were still chatting each other up when I headed back there. I made him remember there’s more to the firestation than just the hot coworker. We need our fire engine to move at more than a snail’s pace when we have to save those thirty sims after all. (And there was alarm maintenance and working out to do too, but all of these things make boring pics.)


Oh, yeah, people (and SimBots) still do things back at the house too. Honestly, these guys were mostly on free will at this point. I kept following the twins alternately. Only Kitty has a job, and it’s just 4 days a week, so she was good for right now.


Woot! First emergency! Uh.. I mean, oh no, an emergency, I hope everyone will be okay! Liam handles it like a boss, and I try not to pout that no sim lives were in danger and thus rescue-able.

After this, I had him try to hunt down the sim that the game randomly set as his girlfriend at prom so he could either keep on with her if she was pretty or break up with her for the gal at the firestation. However, I discovered that she had fallen victim to what I refer to as the Basement Cat glitch that seems to be nabbing people in my town left and right. Basically, the people appear to be IN the ground. Their thought bubbles float along at ground level, anything they’re carrying kind of skims along the ground all weird, and they’re not able to be interacted with unless it’s by free will because there’s nothing to click on. So. No breaking up yet.

Molly’s next case has her digging through the garbage, which is totally gross, but the girl’s determined to find a clue. And then I totally luck out because the next step means she needs to snoop inside. The house she’s at is the one where January (Liam’s-girlfriend-that-we’ve-never-actually-seen) lives. Apparently she shows up when she’s in her pajamas. She’s alright, but not as alright as Melisa.. hehe.. so as Molly’s finishing up, I send Liam over there. He breaks up with January, but it doesn’t seem to affect either of them too much. I imagine not as it’s been about 10 sim-days since the Prom that was the only time they were together. LOL

Liam heads back to the firestation even though it’s the middle of the night because it has TWO pieces of workout equipment because he’s just that dedicated. Also dedicated? Melisa Blackwell. He finds her right outside, avoiding going home, and they start chatting it up. She tosses in a flirt (which I miss) and they keep on chatting and joking.

“Say, did you know I was a firefighter?”


“Really??! *Squee* OMG! I think firemen are SO HOT.”
LOL This amuses me to no end. You work together. You should not be surprised he’s a fireman. You’re both in your gear. You’re both AT the stationhouse. *hehe*

At any rate, I happened to think to ask if she was single. No. No of course she wasn’t. She was MARRIED. Married to a dude named Ralph who was about to shrivel up into an elder in like three days. I did NOT want to let her go… but figured that I’d ultimately leave it up to her to decide. I did not do a save-just-in-case-I-don’t-get-the-result-I-want, then I had Liam “Ask her to leave Ralph”. Then I told myself that if she said no, I needed to move on. Seriously. Overly Attached Simgod. So I held my breath and crossed my fingers while the interaction played out and I waited for her answer.

Melisa: “You know, you’re right. I think I WILL leave him. You’ve listened, really listened, to me more in these past 3 days than he ever has in our whole relationship. He’s just an abusive, controlling, jerk and I’ve had it!”

(Well… so I embellished on her answer a little. LOL But Liam asked, she answered yes, and the second she did he rolled a wish to beat up Ralph. Who he had never met. ROFL So I can only imagine there must be a reason for some animosity.)

Okay, moving on from the bit of drama that Liam’s wading into with bagging his mate…I realized that Molly hadn’t even talked to hers yet since he aged up. So I left Liam spamming the romantic interactions to get the propose option to come up, and sent Molly off to visit Sammy.
Molly: “Uh, I’m in the middle of something here. This is case #8 and I’ll never make it to 35 if you interrupt me.”

Yes, well you’ll never make the cutest baby if I don’t interrupt you. So. To Sammy’s house we go.

He aged up well and certainly seemed happy to see her. She whispered something to him, and off they went on a trip to the pool.

I swung over to check on Liam & Melisa. The option to propose was STILL not there. I thought having them at the firehouse lot was maybe the trouble, so I tried having him “Go here with Melisa” to a spot at the park (where sims have proposed before). He was able to get a couple chats in before she ran back over to the firehouse. *sigh* He followed her back there. When he showed up, she left the lot to go home.

A quick scan back over and.. looks like Molly’s date is going alright. I missed whether the lullaby jingle played, so we’ll just be surprised.

I sent Liam to the Blackwell’s house after Melisa. She greeted him and invited him in. I set him to romancing while I peeked upstairs to see if there was twin beds or a double bed (NO REASON.. but it was a double. Sweet.) I panned back down to make him spam some more romance to get it to “extremely irresistible”,  and suddenly…
What the heck? RALPH?! Where even WERE you, dude? I looked in your bathroom (no shower), and in your bedroom and you were nowhere up there. HOW did you just come waltzing down the stairs? Still… *grabs popcorn*

Melisa then prepared to tear into Ralph. Having Liam by her side (OMG look at that smug smile! LOL) must have given her the strength to tell him she had had enough of his crap, and she wasn’t going to take it any more. They were THROUGH. And then Liam made sure he knew he best listen to the lady.

Then these two did a whole lot of this while Ralph – I kid you not – stood at the bottom of the stairs (blocking the only way to the bed, the jerk) and whipped out a guitar to play a sad song. Liam did  few more romancey moves before Melisa apparently decided she needed to be at work right now, zomg!!1! and left. It was like 3 a.m. Liam left Ralph playing his sad song and went home. Gotta be refreshed enough to chase Melisa fight fires again the next day.

That’s it for this time. Next time we find out if Molly’s knocked up, and if Liam ever manages to nail Melisa to one place long enough to propose.


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