The marrying kind

Last time the twins aged into young adults & I put off the heir decision, playing both of them until I see whose first kid is cutest. Liam had a zillion interactions with his chosen mate but could never get to propose or try for baby. Molly pried herself away from work long enough for one date and jammed a try for baby in there too. She’s going for efficiency.


I sent Liam over to the Blackwell house first thing in the morning, as the map said Melisa was in there. Ralph answered the door instead, and stood on the front porch in front of the door, scowling at Liam without inviting him inside. I was not amused. So I let Liam fulfill his wish to beat up Ralph. After this, Melisa came out and left to go to work. ARGH. I sent Liam on to work too.

Found her at work, romanced our way up to irresistible, but still no propose option. What the heck, game? I had him “go here with” Melisa to a separate lot and same thing.

Meanwhile, Molly had hunted down Sammy because she had some news to tell him. Ignore the music notes. Her phone like to never stops ringing, mostly with date requests. If there’s an important life moment, chances are Molly’s pocket jingles will be there to ruin the shot. ANYWAY.. so it would appear that their little meeting in the shower at the local pool had officially gotten generation 5 underway. (The phone call was indeed a date request. From a middle-aged uncle-by-marriage. Um, no thanks Uncle Creeper, we’ll pass on that date offer.)

It was at this moment that I had a thought. The household is currently at 5 (Basil & Kitty, Liam, Molly, and Salvatore the SimBot). If the game had decided Molly needed triplets (please no), then it would be at 8 and thus full. Maybe THAT was why I couldn’t get the propose marriage option (or the friendly “ask to move in” option) for Liam’s girl. So, as all the houses in town were currently occupied, it was off to Edit Town to plop down a house that my awesome husband built.
And this concludes your house tour. Apparently this is all the pictures I took of the house after I moved just the twins in. I’m lame. I’ll get to an actual house tour at some point. Maybe. Anyway, downstairs has bedroom & bathroom on the left, study/library, dining room, laundry, kitchen/breakfast area, living room w/ bar. There’s a pool on the back deck. Upper floor has a small loft w/ foozball & reading nook, and three more bedrooms and bathrooms.

So I moved the twins in alone. Molly’s LTW count reset and I almost cried. She had done 11/35. Liam had yet to have anything beyond a bunch of small house fires so he was still sitting at 0/30. I won’t feel bad about cheating to add Molly’s cases back in…if I can figure out how. But, more importantly, it didn’t seem to help the Liam-can’t-propose issue. Thankfully, I had done one more thing in Edit Town…put a shower in the gender-neutral bathroom of the firehouse. 😛

Yes! The Try for Baby option was there! They took off running for the shower. Where’s the fire, you two? (HA! Man, I kill me.)

Another day, another small house fire. Seriously, where are the people to rescue? I had no idea this wish was going to be so impossible.

Molly hadn’t bothered to stop working. A little thing like pregnancy wasn’t going to slow her down. And so, at the peak of a full moon, we have Molly’s labor begin. I know all you can see is a glowing hat and some legs silhouetted against the walk, but just believe me when I say it’s Molly clutching her stomach and grumbling that she would have finished this case too, if it weren’t for this meddling kid.

Okay, Molly. Hospital. My real-life kids talked me into Supernatural, so there’s zombies wandering about now & I won’t have you be a sitting, laboring duck for their attack. Just go have the “meddling kid” at the hospital so you’re safe.

Awww, look who’s in maternity clothes! Woop woop!

And here we have Molly arriving at her new home with her new baby girl, Luna. Because what else are you gonna name a baby born under a full moon? 😉 Sammy’s hot on the heels of his two best girls…and ends up sprinting past them. We’ll say it’s so he can open the door for them. At any rate, I have her invite him to stay the night.

Awww.. Molly has one (and just one, not triplets like I was briefly terrified by), and Liam has one on the way after TONS of work. LOL I took a brief moment to swoon and then remembered what happened the last time this sort of situation came up.
(sorry for the photo-of-a-screen, my screenshot is not working)
Remember generation 2 (non-heir) when Felix was a fireman who knocked up his fiance before moving out? His baby girl was Rita, and she was nowhere to be found when they finally moved in together. The family tree had her at perma-toddler. I went and looked (finally figured out I could pull up details from their portrait) and found this. Game says she burned to death. A toddler, immune to fire, whose father lived at the fire station and so could say with 100% certainty that there hadn’t been a fire at that house….and even she wasn’t safe.


Not gonna happen again, not on my watch. Liam, where are you?
Ah. Finish your cannonball, and then we’re off to hunt down your woman. Maybe now that she’s pregnant and the game won’t let her work she’ll stop running away on community lots. Call her to meet you at the beach so we don’t have to deal with Ralph.

While Liam does that, I get the bright idea to check and see if the proposing action is broken in general. Sammy was still over from when Molly had him stay the night. It showed up right away for them, so as Liam was still driving to meet Melisa, Molly gets proposing done like a boss. Then she leaves to finish up that case, sure that Luna’s in good hands with daddy there. (And calls a babysitter as extra insurance. LOL)


Step 1) Romance. Step 2) Pop the question. Step 3) Offer jewelry as bribe and hear the excited squeal of acceptance. (And the excited squeal of the sim player who FINALLY made it happen. LOL)

And then, I was terrified the luck would be fleeting, so the wedding happened immediately. (Shot composed because I realized you could see the groom’s childhood home up on the left there.)


So much spam of them exchanging rings (think I was a wee bit excited to have this a possibility? LOL)

Liam Jacobsen and his new bride, Melissa Jacobsen. (Yay, two s’s!)


Melissa: “I didn’t want to tell you before because I didn’t want you to feel like you HAD to marry me, but…we’re having a baby!”
Liam: “Good job, us!”

On that happy note, I sent Melissa back home and Liam off to work.


And not a moment too soon, as Liam finally got a call about a large house fire! Sims to save!! I put out all the blazes, busted into  the house to find the 4 sims it said were trapped…and found two. The other two were victims of the Basement Cat glitch, where they’re just.. in the ground? unclickable because you can’t see them. And therefore unsave-able. Poor Liam, nothing can come easy to him. I tried doing something I never do and switching to the affected household. I could fix one sim (by making him change clothes at the dresser), but the other trapped sim must have been someone not of that house (everyone else showed up) and so was anybody’s guess who. Turned out to be pointless as the emergency was gone when I reswitched back to the Jacobsens. Sad face. 2/30 saved in the past 10 sim days.

His next heroic action was to do the laundry at home without being asked.

Meanwhile, Carmen Sandiego Molly was, unsurprisingly, out on her case.


Sammy was still hanging around the house, but was not terribly excited to be awoken by Luna’s cries. Thankfully new auntie Melissa fed the baby (while daddy just grumbled about her, then went to drink coffee). When she still fussed after the bottle, Melissa had a moment where she reconsidered the whole having-one-of-her-own. (Too late! It’s coming for you. :P) A quick snuggle and Luna was fine though.

I was planning to have Molly & Sammy get married the following day, but Molly wished for a bachelorette party. I think it was  delaying tactic for the wedding, but I’ll humor her.
Preppin’ drinks for the party. Noon’s not too early to start boozin, right?

Pregnant Melissa whipped out her best Running Man moves. LOL In the second shot you can, I think, see everyone who was invited. And one who wasn’t. Liam’s in the background, trying to ignore the whole deal. Bonehilda – the twins’ parents had obtained Bonehilda shortly before they moved out. When she showed up in the list of possible invitees, I thought it would be amusing, so I added her. She arrived and started making our beds. Behind her in the green tunic is pregnant cousin Alice. She brought her brother Fergus with her (in the black tux) even though we had only invited females. In the very back in an elder though darned if I can remember who she is. She knows what’s up though.. these kids all went to dance, she beelined for the bar. In the green skirt is Darla, in the black dress is Tamsin – friends of the twins from school. The gal with shaved hair is Molly’s best friend, Karina. You can forget all of this. There will be no quiz.

“Did somebody say dancing?” The ahem entertainers showed up and boogied down in the dining room. I do not remember the second one’s name, but dude #1 is Jack Hammer, which made me chuckle. And then when he was done, he presented the bride-to-be with flowers. Molly, we’re not in Vegas.. this stuff won’t stay here. Move along.

Tamsin did a toast. “Molly & Sammy’s love story is one that really pulls at your heartstrings….like so. *punches hand through Molly’s chest to tug on strings of the heart*”

And then.. the nectar! Karina teased Molly for dodging it, and showed her how it’s done. Meanwhile Bonehilda tossed back a drink of her own and leaked all over my floor.

At this point it had been like 8 hours of party. I was wondering how long bachelorette parties last. Apparently forever?
And then cousin Alice went into labor and everyone lost their crap. After making a mental note to not invite that attention hog Alice to any future parties, Molly kicked everyone out thanked everyone for coming.

Not two hours later, Melissa goes into labor as well. At least she waited until after Molly’s party.

“I do not like this feeling in the stomach area. I’ve changed my mind.”

She and Liam head off to the hospital.
They’ll always remember the time they brought home twins to a household that already has an infant (and no parents that actually take care of that infant.) Ugh. These kids will be almost-triplets anyway. Yikes.

And to underscore my point about Luna’s folks not being around, when we got home there was a baby sitter putting her in bed. Sammy gets a pass as he doesn’t live in the house (yet), but dangit Molly you couldn’t watch her yourself for a couple hours while your brother & his wife brought home their first (and second.. grrr)? I don’t even remember seeing a “call the babysitter” popup. Anyway, moving on…

Twin #1 (in pink in the back) is baby girl Ember.

Twin #2 is baby boy Phoenix.

Fire names seemed only fitting for the children of two firefighters, who were conceived at the fire station itself.

We’ll call it there for now. Next time there will be birthdays (thank God), maybe a wedding (think Molly’s phone will ring?), hopefully more emergencies.


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