You can view the Jacobsen’s family tree here:

Otherwise, I’ll list the heirs here.

Founding Couple:

Marc & Ashley Jacobsen. Ashley was a creative, artsy sim who seemed to pick up many skills quickly. Marc was a a sim who wanted to be great at his career, but knew the most important thing in life was family. Ashley would have been happy with just a couple kids, but she loved her man and he wanted a house full, so they ended up with 5. Penelope, Felix, Sebastian, Calvin & Clara.

Generation 2 heir & spouse:
Calvin is basically your ultimate outdoor sim. He’s friendly, he loves nature, he’s an angler.. which plays nicely into his LTW to have the perfect aquarium. His gal Maisie is his soulmate. They were inseparable pretty much from the time they met. They have three children together – Poppy, Basil, and Rosemary.

Generation 3 heir:
Screenshot-456 - Copy
Basil is our quirky little sim with a real penchant for building things, but he’s interested in many things. His dream was to max out 3 skills, and he hit that with no problem. He married Kitty, who was his perfect complement. A lot more down-to-earth and organized than he was, the two balanced each other perfectly. Together they had twins Liam & Molly.

Generation 4 co-heirs:

Because I am indecisive in all areas of life and simming is no different, Liam & Molly ended up being co-heirs. Liam is athletic, brave, and a bit of a daredevil…basically all the things necessary to make a perfect firefighter. His lifetime want is to rescue 30 sims. He met his spouse Melissa during his early days at the station, and they hit it off right away. He wooed her away from a bad relationship and they’ve been happily married since, with twins of their own: Ember & Phoenix.

Molly, meanwhile, is charismatic, intelligent, and perceptive. She took up the life of a private investigator and never looked back. Her lifetime want is to solve 35 cases. She met her spouse Sammy in high school, they even went to prom together. They had a long courtship, not even getting married until after their daughter Luna was born. Eventually they added a son, Artie, to the mix too.

Generation 5 heir & spouse:
Ember (daughter of Liam & Melissa) is our heiress for Generation 5. She’s got it all – looks, brains, creativity…and a huge romantic streak. Harlan Hutson moved to town when they were both starting high school. They got together immediately and never looked back. Ember knows she’s got it good – her man has a strong work ethic, is a great cook, and has just enough of that “bad boy” thing to keep it interesting.